These are the most sustainable whisky stone set available on the market now. Extracted by hand and is one of the most ecofriendly stones products to our knowledge.

Set of 4 whiskey stones on a wooden base of your choice. These 2.7 billion-year-old stones come from the Chapais region, Qc, Canada. Its a intrusive dyke that has cutted a volcanic unit during the Archean era where the amtopshere was red and where there was multiple active volcano at the time in this land that we call nowadays Québec.

Each stone is made of gabbro verde and is extracted and cut by hand in Quebec.

The gabbro verde is distinguished by its bright green and forest green spots. The gabbro verde is different from our traditional gabbro. It is an igneous stone that was intersected with a volcanic stone and then underwent a slight metamorphism.

The color and appearance of wood and stones may vary. 

Whisky Stones (4) — Gabbro Verde

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